The developers and manufacturers of metering devices Axioma Metering has been receiving awards one after another, and now the company has received the main award of Verslo Genas (business awards) – the company was declared the discovery of 2019. The award ceremony organised by the online portal Lrytas.lt and TV channel Lietuvos Rytas took place on 28th November.

“In this competition we managed to take over not only the participants in our own category, those who create innovations, but also Lithuanian companies of varying sizes from different sectors. When we seek new employees, we always highlight the fact, that we are a Lithuanian company, developing, operating and paying taxes in its own country. I am grateful to the whole Axioma Metering team, as each member has contributed to the receipt of this award,” said Axioma Metering CEO Ignas Vosylius.

Verslo Genas project is dedicated to business originating and established in Lithuania. Different Lithuanian companies have been presented in this award:  enterprises, uniting thousands of employees, and medium sized companies, and family businesses. The project has been running for three years now.

Verslo Genas award – is the fourth that the devices developed and manufactured by Axioma Metering have received this year.

Just recently the company has won another award in the Baltic innovation competition, which is organised by the Baltic Assembly. Axioma Metering was announced to be the most innovative company in Lithuania.

At the end of October, the ultrasound heating and cooling meter Qalcosonic E3, was recognised as the 2019 energy project in Service of the Year awards, that are organised by the Lithuanian Business Confederation.

In June, this year, Axioma Metering, received the Innovation 2019 award for ultrasound water meter Qalcosonic W1. The company, having competed with 12 competitors in the innovations’ category, was congratulated at Kaunas’ growing business awards K.A.V.A. 2019.

Axioma Metering team have dedicated three years of labour for the new smart metering devices and finished developing them in 2018. Kaunas University of Technology and Lithuanian Energy Institute scientists also contributed towards the development of the metering devices. The modern meters are manufactured in a factory opened this year in Kaunas Free Economic Zone, the investment reached 15 million euros.

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